FIVE questions most artiste ask
1 why am i not making wave
2 why is my musiC not paying me
3 why is every body asking me get a job or go to school
4 when will i be femos
5 how can i have a record label
when you do the right thing you will surely get the right result.Let me help you out with some suggestion
you produce a song and keep it in your phone how will the world hear it?it is not just by going to shows,pay your transport and beg the organizer weak up we are in 2018 things dont work like that anymore the reason we have supper stars and underground star is not because of sweat voice or good beat or marketer or even record label
   The reason is PROMO. the only way the world will know you is when you promote your self
think about this
what is the different between you and Davido you think is because of his parent wealth? you are wrong.this guys take their time to promote all their jobs infact you will hear them say the higher the promo the higher the sales
Let me share some secret of promo with you
1 Get a phone or mobile device that can assess to internet
2 make sure you sign up to all the social medias you know
3 look for a blogger, DJ, radio presenter and Tv presenter. talk to them about you passion
dont let any one deceive you music is music weather you sing circular or Gospel(islamic or christian)
if the people dont know you they dont know you
you dont expect me to hear your song once and sing alone or start shouting even micheal Jackson
will not try that
promot your song before you go to any show i bet you you will thank me letter
 for any question or inquiries on where and how to promote your song
 call 08053194991 0r

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