Good News For All Musicians


Is TIME for you to benefit from your creativity
musically Nigeria is doing well globally but when you look around you will see many upcoming MUSICIANS living in frustration and desperation.
Every artiste want to be hard!!
But the situation now is,  many musicians are wandering from radio station to radio station, TV station to TV stations paying for there song to be aired.
off course at some point you need to motivate the presenters, the bloggers, the TV presenters and DJs
but the big question is where do i get money for all this?
nice question
here i have some solution for you !!!


have you had of distrokid before?

fill the form and enjoy the benifit of your music
no need for worries
distrokid help you distribute you song and videos on difference stores online including YOUTUBE
all you need to do is subscribe for one year and have access to unlimited upload then seat back and get paid monthly
 this ROCKS
GIVE IT A TRIAL you will thank me letter!!!
this is not a prank is for real click the link above the click upload signup and you are there BAM!!
your music is everywere

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