Angry okada men burn down road safety office in Zuba

Road safety office born down as angry okada clash with police


early Thursday morning  we hear that a police man on duty try to stop an okada man but the okada man refuse to stop according to our eye wittiness in an attempt  to bypass the police officer he was heat by the gun an was crust by another car the eye witness also confirm that the police officer did not shot but that as the okada man was resisting the order he heat his head with bottom of the officer’s gun.As the okada men notice that the man died so they got angry and block zuba kaduna road and they start burning tires on the road and letter they burn down the road safety office
As at the time of this report, we don’t know the total number of casualty but we know for sure that angry okada burn down the road safety along zuba kaduna road we will give you updateas  as

soon as we found any

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