Hon. Dauda Musa’s five cardinal mandate

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 The most enovative asparant in the Tafa L.G.A forth coming election no thought the man for the jop. see what we found out about his mandate

Hon.Dauda Musa 

 I have a ‘gold mind’ of ideas that, if elected, I will endeavor to achieve. I have condensed these ideas into five succinct areas;
To empower the youth and women. These can be achieved through vocational training into various trade, that will make them financial independent, moreso, giving back to the community by providing employment opportunity.
Agriculture and Investment.  Considering the verse land and the proximity to the Federal Capital, I will harness this opportunity, by encouraging the investors into our local government, this will bring employment opportunity, boosting  our Internal Generated Revenue (IGR), which will help in providing basic amenities and infrastructural Development to the Local Government.
Promote Culture and Tourism: Our people are endowed with rich cultural heritage, I will employ  my experience in theater art to showcase these cultural heritage to the world, which will attract tourism in the local government.
Health Care.: I shall provide maternal clinic to all the wards.
Promote Peace & Unity: We are multi cultural and religion, I will ensured that the peaceful coexistence we enjoy continue to exist.
WHY VOTE FOR ME.: I already have a wealth of experience having studied Local Government Administration and served as resource person to local government employees  and also a  Political appointee more also, I have read and listen to so many constructive critics on local government administrators. I have your interest at heart, with your voices behind me I can use the knowledge I have gained  in the said capacities to best  represent and implement these lofty ideas. So if you like what I hope to achieve, I  would be most appreciative of your support.ON.DAUDA A. MUSA IJA KORO AKA 50-50

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