How I made love with a death man

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Making it in this country can be really hard. Especially for a woman. I mean, ideally if you do not have connections, you will hustle till kingdom come. My name is Marian and I’m 30 years old.
While I was still in school, I had visions of how my life would be at the age of 30. I saw myself with two lovely kids, an adorable husband, a car and a house of my own. Shock on me, life isn’t like that at all. Oh, I forgot to say that I am still single! No boyfriend.
However, I have been eyeing this particular gentle man in my work area. He’s well built, neat suits, the kind of man that wears slim fit suits and just looks so handsome! The downside is that, I see him with a young lady who looks stylish too. But she got nothing on me. Every time I saw this gentle man buying snacks at the tuck shop close by, that is the time I will go sway my hips around him. Of course he’s a gentle man therefore he says hi. But I wanted more!!
I did not care that he was frequently with a woman! Well, I see no ring on his finger and so may the best woman win.
No matter how hard I tried to flirt with him, he would just end the conversation with “always nice seeing you Marian”. I talked to Keila, my best friend about this. Keila seems to always have answers to everything. “Worry no more”, she said. “He will be yours before you know it”.
Keila asked me to clear my schedule for Saturday and Sunday. Said we would be taking a trip to Homa Bay, her rural home. “It’s important”, she added.
We left Nairobi on Friday evening by bus, reached Homa Bay the following morning. Unlike the times when Keila and I took a hotel room first, this time she said we needed to be somewhere. By this time I could not contain my curiosity. I demanded that she tells me exactly why we were in Homa bay. She then revealed that she had a solution to my problems. 
And that I would get whatever I desire after our visit to an old man. I was not into voodoo stuff. Keila would not take no for an answer. She said I should trust the process. Fast forward, we arrived at an old shrine looking like structure where “Babu” was. We took our shoes and entered on our knees!! Yes..I know, unbelievable!
He was not a talkative old man. He kept reciting some incarnations then told me to give him the young man’s photograph. Of course I did not have but guess what? Keila had it! I was shook!!  Anyway, incartations…incartations…then he stopped suddenly. “You will have to find a dead body and have sex with it within 7 days! Then drink this right after” I was shaken by the demands! I was to go have sex with what?? Keila said there’s no turning back. What horrified me more were the consequences of what would befall me if I din’t do as asked.
I cursed, I regretted going to Homa Bay. But Yes, I wanted that man. I wanted a family with him and so much in life. The “Babu said I would have everything I wanted. I just had to speak it out loud.
To the most horrific part, having sex with a corpse, Keila made arrangements. It was that day that I learned that she was deep into witchcraft and black magic. She had a “guy” who would hook me up with a corpse. Turned out that she had done this before.
We visited a private mortuary in Nairobi. Posh and all clean. All I could smell was death! The attendant pointed e to where I was to go do the unthinkable! Of course I couldn’t do this with a sober mind. I guzzled a bottle of tequila to numb any feelings of fear I had. At 1 AM ,it was done. I sat quietly in my house feeling so dirty! But it seemed to have worked. I called in sick next day only to get a call from a stranger, my stranger! How? I don’t know how he got my number.
 But my spirits were lifted. And a few more phone calls followed after that. Coffee happened! Keila kept on saying, “I told you so”. But I was never the same after that. The glow I had faded away. I always felt disgusted and emotionally frustrated. To this day, I have kept it a secret. Only Keila and myself know what I did.
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By Bertillar

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