Sabon Wuse Tafa L.G.A in Dare need Of Keke Napep

Sabon Wuse in Dare Need Of Keke Napep

Tafa L.GA head quarter popularly known as sabon wuse is just few killometers to the federal capital the Semi urban town is dominated by famers, business men and women,civil servant and company workers. Five out of ten have their share experience of okada delay or may be a fifty naira par drop saga.
This is why Keke napep will  do sabon Wuse good. If there can be 100 Keke in d city it will ease the stress of morning delay and will provide jop opportunity
Knowing the challenges of traffic congestion when there are over accumulation of Keke like the case of suleja- madala axis having a regulated number of Keke to cover within the city and outside the city will do sabon Wuse allot of good

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