Minimum wage saga

The total number of legislators in Nigeria is 469, by direct calculation, if you divide N125b by 469 a legislator gets N266,524,520.26 per annum, if you multiply this by 4years an individual gets N1,066,098,081.00 that is ONE BILLION, SIXTY-SIX MILLION, EIGHTY-EIGHT THOUSAND EIGHTY-ONE NAIRA.
In a country where minimum wage of N30,000 is still a problem.
This is the reason why our politics is a do or die.
Mind you this does not include constitutional projects and oversight kickbacks from the ministries and contractors.

The same country where schools and hospitals are in a horrible condition but gets paltry sum of N48b and N46b respectively in capital projects.

This is actually what we borrow money to do in Nigeria.
This is very sad, and the executive wastage is even more.

Civil servant are suffering, politicians are enjoying, Nigerian my country, ur country, our country,. what is happening our leaders?.

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