After Effect Of Okada Ban In Suleja

In an attempt to fight the spread of COVID-19 the chairman of suleja has place a ban on motor cycle radders know as Okada

The ban took effect yesterday 8 May 2020 follow a resolution at the stake holders metting on 7TH MAY, 2020

Abdulrahim Idris
Chief Press Secretary To The Chairman Suleja LGA.

HON ABDULLAHI S MAJE PRESIDES OVER AN EXPANDED STAKEHOLDERS MEETING AT THE COUNCIL SECRETERIA.The executive chairman of suleja local government council Rt Hon Abdullahi S Maje Presided over an expanded security meeting with relevant stakeholders from religious bodies, Traditional institutions, Road Unions, and other leaders in attendance.The meeting was necessitated following new directives that were made available to the 25 local government council chairmen in the state. The local government council are mandated by the new directives to ensure the evacuation of Almajiris to quarantine center for onwards action, and the full implementation of safety measures, vis-a-vis the use of face mask, social distancing and the regular washing of the hands.Additional to these directives, the council chairman has totally banned the activities of motorcycle riders (Okada) in Suleja Local Government Area for the next two weeks in order to check the influx of migrating motorcycle riders from Kano and Lagos states. THE TOTAL BAN ON THE ACTIVITIES OF THE MOTORCYCLE RIDERS (Okada) IN SULEJA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA TAKES EFFECT FROM FRIDAY 8th MAY, 2020. Keke napep operators will be allowed to operate during the windows that are made available for the refills of household items to cushion the effect of motorcycle ban. But they are also to carry just two passengers with each fully equipped with face mask. Violators of these directives will be made to face the wrath of the law.

Suleja is a border towm tafa LGA, Kurara LGA and Gwagwalada.

If you recall a ban on Okada in Lagos State before lockdown lead to the massive flow of the radders to different state.

This could also take the same shape as this border towms will be force to welcome more Okada radders if unanimous efforts are not taking.

Note also that the okadas radders also have a strong means of communicating to each other, they have strong bond with each other. By now they may be coming up with other options like going to the next free community or may be telling their freinds from Lagos and Kano where and were to the ban is taking effect and where is not taking effect

This is a strong call to other leaders to do something before is too late

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