Earn real Money from your creativity

Music, comedy, poem are what I call interlectual property. Once you own a property that simply means any one buying or patronizing you should pay for it.

The question is do you make money when they download your songs, do you make money when they watch your comedy skit or movie or even spoken words?

This is the difference between professionals and amature. Professionals get paid amature get frustrated and wonder how to go about the next project.

am here to help you

I will help you if you fall under the following category

  1. i want to earn real money from my music
  2. I want to earn real money from my comedy skits, movie
  3. Am a music producer I want to earn from the free beat I created

lets begin

I know how frustrating it can be when you have fans but nothing to show for your popularity it is quite frustrating.

The big question is how can I make money .

It is quite simple

Have you hard of Distrokid


With Distrokid you become a distributor of your creativity.

Distrokid have an agreement with more than 200 music store including YOUTUBE. once you sign up to Distrokid all your music your skits will be all over the world. Waw

The big deal

The big deal is you keep 100% of all the sale the stream you make

How do i start

Simple follow the link below sign up and get 10% off discount

And start trading your creativity


with the link above you get 10% discount but without the link no discount

For more inquiry call or Whatsapp 08053194991

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