Music business seminar by Mr Chocks

Gone at the days people hide the secret to their sucess. We leave in a term where there is no secret any more.

music business seminar

We are in the business of music we know what up coming and even supper stars are passing through.

One question that is in the mouth of up coming is

how do I make money with my music

I have good vibe the last time they play it in radio I have so many calls from fans. The question is are you making any money from your music?

This is what we are hear to share. We know that you are pasionate, we know that you want want to be known, we know say you want blow!!

If you want to be part of music business saminar

Send am interested to 08053194991

Guest Teacher

Michael omashoko a.k a mr chocks

micheal omashoko a.k.a mrchocks

Venue will be communicated to you as soon as you send am interested to 08053194991

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