Social media outspoken pastor and an eye witness to the killings in gora gan express his dissatisfaction towards conflicting reports of southern Kaduna killings

Following series of federal & state government speeches and addresses made since the evil killing began in southern Kaduna and the the multiples media reports both online, Broadcast and print media, it is for very unfortunate and sad that many have result to keep the truth away from the public and the world by cooking and feeding innocent citizens with lies and bias media reports.

I will love to clearly make it known that what some today refer to as crisis in southern Kaduna is nothing but a big fat lie. Before the current rampart attacks and killings of our children, youths, parents and gran parent, most of our farm men where attacked, killed in cold blood late last year in their respective farms. Some where attacked and killed in markets, some lost their hard farm produced in the farm consumed by cattle’s. Most of these cases where promptly reported to the constituted authorities.

Now, the same innocent people are been attacked, slaughtered, killed with still and motion pictures going round as evidences but some set of individuals or groups refer to such genocide as crisis simply because they want to twist the truth and cover the world eyes from knowing the truth. This is the highest level of criminal, inhumanity and evil. (Knowing the truth and hiding it, pretending like it doesn’t exist).

Many federal and state government own media have refused to go to this affected places to cover and feed the public with the truth reports, few that have come keep away many truth that where reported to them. This is against the media ethics and practices, no one may punish you for violating the ethics you swore to keep, but remember KARMA.

I sincere wish to appreciate all who have been praying with us, sending help to the affected persons and communities, those who have taken it as a burden to defend and speak out the truth, Southern Kaduna leadership, traditional councils, youths groups, God bles

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