she had sex with my husband i hit her with hammer-Thelmor Mudhefi

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A Zimbabwean Magistrate, Tamara Chibindi is now being treated for head and hand injuries after being attacked with a hammer in her home by a woman identified as Thelmor Mudhefi, who accused her of sleeping with her lawyer husband. 

Irate Thelmor Mudhefi carried out the attack on Tuesday afternoon, Feb 23, after accusing the magistrate of having a romantic affair with her husband, prominent Mutare lawyer Chris Ndlovu.

An eyewitness told Zimlive; 

“She was badly injured on the head and one of her hands. She received some stitches in hospital.”

Mudhefi who was arrested, has in turn filed a complaint against Chibindi with the Chief Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi.

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