Difference between Business and Job

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According to Robert kiyosaki the four major way you earn money he call it the cash flow quadrant. you are either an EMPLOYEE, SELF-EMPLOY, BUSINESS OWNER or an INVESTOR. which ever way what ever you do you fall in one of the following categories.

but the big issue is if you fall within the first two you will keep looking for money till you die!!!

the EMPLOYEE AND THE SELF EMPLOY enjoy what is call active income. active income is the kind of income you get strictly after working or upfront before the work is done. people under this category are paid salary and some enjoy pension and gratuity what a backward way of living

WE ARE IN 2021 21’st CENTURY

the way business are done now is quite different from 10 to 20 years back. the reason the rich will remain rich and the poor will remain poor is ”LEVERAGE”. Leverage is getting little by little from the efford of many. if you want to change your level financially

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